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March 19, 2010

Hot Tub Bacterium

hot tub bacterium

Exclusive summary about Hot Tub Bacterium by Scott Nichols

As part of the maintenance of the hot tub, the water is always kept clean. If this is not observed on a regular basis, hot tub bacterium or bacteria can thrive in the water, causing skin rashes and possibly other diseases.

A species of bacteria, Mycobacterium avium, is known to cause tuberculosis, and commonly grows in the cozy and warm temperatures of the hot tub. Chlorine and bromine are among the chemicals used to control bacterial growth in hot tub water. Hot tub folliculitis is a type of skin infection on the hair follicles which is brought about by immersion in a hot tub with unclean water.

The hot tub bacterium that causes the skin condition thrives in the contaminated water. When the presence of the hot tub bacterium is detected, the water from the tub needs to be drained, and the lining completely cleaned.

Hot Tub Bacterium and How to Avoid Them

Exclusive summary about Hot Tub Bacterium by Lynsey Leigh

Hot Tubs and hot tub water need to be kept clean and a cleaning regime adhered to otherwise you will find yourself subject to infections caused by hot tub bacterium. A hot tub is usually purchased for relaxation and therapeutic purposes. However, it is necessary to have a regular cleaning schedule otherwise hot tub bacterium can form and far from being relaxing your hot tub will be a source of sickness and skin rashes.

A regular cleaning schedule will help you to avoid the hot tub bacterium mycobacterium avium, a member of the bacteria family, which causes tuberculosis.

A skin rash known as folliculitis is particularly prevalent when you do not have a rigorous cleaning routine. Ideally you want to prevent this happening in the first place and the use of hot tub chemicals on a regular basis will ensure your hot tub is bacterium free.

March 13, 2010

Solar Operated Hot Tubs

solar operated hot tubs

Exclusive summary about How Solar Operated Hot Tubs Work by Jy Paralye

Solar Operated Hot Tubs work on the amazing principle that there is enough sun to heat the water without consuming any other fuel and polluting the environment. There are hot tubs which are completely solar powered. In order to get started with the solar operated hot tubs, a solar hot tub kit has to be organized which includes a solar electric panel, a water circulation pump and a thermostat.

Let us see how a solar operated hot tub works. The water from the hot tub is taken by the circulation pump. A 64 watt solar electric panel can actually move water really well up to about 20 feet.

After the water from the circulation pump is pushed, it now goes through the solar thermal panels, and this is where the water gains the heat. The solar hot tub kit features solar thermal panels. Once the water is pushed through the solar panels, it returns to the hot tub. In some solar operated hot tubs, the solar kit performs a third function, which is inline filtration.

What is a Home Solar Power System?

Exclusive summary about What is Home Solar Power System by Junaid Mohammad

Installing a home solar power system in your residence is good for the environment. Home solar power systems can be installed on almost all homes except for a very small home which have less than 120 square feet of roof. In most cities you require building permit to install home solar power system to your building.

Home solar power system is installed on the roof where the solar energy is transformed into direct current (DC) power. At night this home solar power system will not work. Most of the home solar power systems are interconnected with you utility. In case of cloudy days the home solar power system generates less power.

There are other technologies which convert solar energy into heat but this home solar power system is not used for home heating. Home solar power systems don't have any moving parts and solar modules are also tough.

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